We offer a bulk purchase price on our individual webinars, masterclasses and online courses & conferences for schools and organisations.

You can use these licenses for an upcoming live webinar or to access one of the offerings in Maggie's extensive library of recorded content. This way, you are able to access Maggie's content at a good discount and your clients/parents get individual access to the content plus the accompanying free resources and handouts.

Schools and ECEs can use this content for their staff's informal professional learning and development and we can provide certificates of completion.

Please note, individual licenses are granted on a per webinar/masterclass basis, not across multiple products.


If you are purchasing from 10-75 registrations on a single webinar/masterclass, you get 30% off.

If you are offering the webinar/masterclass to 75-500 registrants it's a flat rate of:

  • $1500 for webinar access*
  • $1800 for access to a masterclass or professional learning webinar

*Please note the flat rate for the Positive Parenting in a Pandemic webinar is lower at $1200.

These prices cover up to 500 registrations — p.o.a. on more than 500.

For example:

Exploring Children's Anxiety webinar has a normal registration price of $30

Therefore purchasing 50 licences at a bulk discount of 30% would cost you $1,050 instead of $1500 - a saving of $450.

(Note the flat rates above for purchasing 75-500 licences).


30% discount for 10-20 registrations 

40% discount on 21-50 registrations

50% discount on 51-100 registrations 

60% discount on more than 100 registrations

For example:

The Calming Our Children online course has a normal registration price of $195.

Therefore purchasing 25 licences would attract a 40% discount making the cost $2925 instead of $4,875 - a saving of $1,950.


Step 1

Use this online form let us know which content you're interested in and how many people you'd like to purchase coupons for.

Step 2

We invoice you and once we receive your confirmation of payment, we issue you with coupons for you to share with your clients/families/staff. The coupons last for one year from purchase date.

Step 3

You pass the coupons on to your clients/staff/parents (we can supply one coupon code or individual bulk coupons via an excel doc) and they sign up for free and access the content from this website site. 

To find out more or to place an order please email:

[email protected]