From Boys to Men Webinar Series

For anyone living or working with boys 12-25

Based on her bestselling book, Maggie Dent presents...

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Teen boy communication that really works
'Unsticking' an unmotivated teen boy
Helping teen boys manage anger and failure
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This special webinar series takes a deep dive into Maggie Dent’s successful 2020 book From Boys to Men: Guiding our teen boys to grow into happy healthy men . In three separate online events, Maggie explores key aspects of the book, including communication, motivation and helping boys navigate anger and failure.

In her book and in this webinar series, Maggie’s goal is to empower parents and guardians with insights, tips and a common-sense approach to help you support the boys in your life to thrive as they progress through adolescence — offering hope for a future of adventure, stability, engagement and connection.

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WEBINAR 1: Teen boy communication that really works

This event ran live on Thursday 25th February...replay now available.

Have you found communication a challenge since your son hit adolescence? You are not alone if your formerly sweet boy is now communicating with you in monosyllabic grunts and everything you say seems to annoy or upset him enormously. In this webinar, Maggie explains what's going in our teen boys' brains that makes them feel more sensitive, critical of themselves and others, and volatile. She explains how parents and people who work with teen boys can use warm, caring, empowering communication with the lads in their lives – communication that helps them cross the bridge to manhood to a place where they feel worthwhile and engaged in respectful relationships.

Maggie explores ways to:

» communicate effectively
» offer feedback without hurting your son's feelings
» avoid arguing
» help your son solve problems for himself
» get teen boys to listen
» let your son know you’re really hearing him & he matters.

Includes bonus freebies: Taking the High Road ebook and Cosmos Sound Bath audio track.

Purchase individually for $30 or...

Get all 3 webinars for $60

WEBINAR 2: 'Unsticking' an unmotivated teen boy

This event ran live on Tuesday 23rd March...replay now available.

It's very common (but also pretty exasperating) for tween and teen boys to become unmotivated about things like schoolwork, tidying up after themselves or changing their clothes. While these things might matter to parents and teachers, there are many biological, neurological, physical, hormonal and psychological changes that make motivation challenging for the average adolescent boy. While we hope the situation is temporary, it can become a permanent mindset so in this webinar Maggie shares some practical things we can do (and things we should avoid) at home and at school to 'unstick' a son whose motivation is stuck. This will be helpful whether you have a 14-year-old who you just can't understand or an 18-year-old you can't get off your couch.

This webinar will explore:

» what motivates boys to do well (and it isn't stickers and trophies!)
» how to build a boy's autonomy
» the power of positive noticing
» the three keys to motivation
» why school often demotivates boys (especially middle school)
» supporting boys at school & re-engaging reluctant boys

Includes bonus giveaways: Creating Success and Dare to Dream creative visualisation audios plus Maggie's Chill'n Skills ebook.

Purchase individually for $30 or...

Get all 3 webinars for $60

WEBINAR 3: Helping teen boys manage anger and failure

This event ran live on Thursday 22nd April... watch the replay whenever suits you.

We all get angry from time to time, it's a normal human emotion. However, because of what's happening in their brains and bodies – and because of the deep conditioning that anger is a more acceptable emotion for males than, say, sadness – teen boys can particularly struggle with their anger. For those of us living or working with teen boys, it can be challenging to respond calmly and compassionately when faced with an adolescent's immature, explosive reaction contained within an often-man-sized body. In this webinar, Maggie looks at why anger is not the problem, more a symptom of a deeper concern. She explores why teen boys' poor choices, mistakes and failures often lead to anger and despair – and how we can better respond to help our boys cope and recover from muck up moments.

Maggie will unpack:

» ways to coach our teen boys to better manage their anger and understand the feelings under it
» tips for helping boys physically diffuse their feelings
» why failure & poor choices often trigger 'big ugly feelings'
» dismantling the old man code to teach the power of vulnerability
» Reframing failure and loss
» how to respond when your son makes a poor choice
» exploring resilience and recovering from setbacks.

Includes bonus giveaways: Relax and Escape and Secret Mountain audio relaxation tracks plus 'A Dog's Life Wisdoms' ebook.

Purchase individually for $30 or...

Get all 3 webinars for $60


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These webinars offer a highly practical and compassionate guide for anyone supporting boys 12-25 as they traverse the road to adulthood.

Maggie ran these webinars live in Feb, March and April 2021, and each included some insightful questions from our community.

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Maggie Dent

Commonly known as the ‘queen of common sense’, Maggie Dent has become one of Australia's favourite parenting authors and educators. She has a particular interest in the early years, adolescence and resilience, and is an undisputed 'boy champion'. She is the author of 7 major books, including the bestselling Mothering Our Boys, the 2020 release From Boys to Men and host of the ABC podcast Parental As Anything.

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