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What is Common-sense Parenting?

Over almost 40 years I have worked as a teacher, counsellor, and parenting and resilience educator, supporting thousands of parents, educators and other professionals to better understand, nurture and connect with children and adolescents.

A lot of parents say to me, “Oh I just wish I could take you home with me, Maggie” and what that tells me is that many people are looking for more than a seminar or a book to support them in their journey. They want an opportunity to learn new ways and strategies, to try things out, to ask questions, to share their challenges and to make lasting shifts in their family lives.

So, given the wonders of modern technology and the busy lives that many of us live, I am creating online courses that aim to do just that. They are designed to bring me into your home or workplace and equip you with information that will support your day-to-day decision making as a parent or educator.

What people are saying...

The most valuable thing I took from this course is once again knowing that I am not alone - that other people are dealing [with], struggling or facing similar things and that there is nothing wrong with me or the kids but there maybe ways in which I can help them and help myself. I find this woman amazing!!! THANK U.

Maggie's wisdom is inspiring and the course is, as stated 'commonsense'. Connections with the natural environment and avoiding screen time really ring true. Each week I took away a new piece of wisdom to reflect on and challenge my thinking.

I loved this course!! The most valuable thing for me was the non-judgmental, down to earth advice offered by Maggie. Being able to listen to it all in our own time was great too.

Having the opportunity to ask Maggie questions as well as following other parents journeys who are similar to our own was great. Specific to the content, the most valuable thing I learned was looking at my children's behaviour from their point of view as well as finding out the "why" for their behaviour not just focusing on what the behaviour is. Changed my world.


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